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  Polymeur Sun is experience in both Grid-Tie and Hybrid Off-Grid Photovoltaic System Design.  
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Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System
Plantation Nursery
Pumping water from water supply sources such as artificial lake requires a huge amount of energy. In rural and off-grid plantation in Malaysia and Indonesia, diesel generator is widely used as a source of energy for pumping water. As the price of fuel oil is increasing globally from time to time, using renewable energy like solar energy as alternative sources of energy for pumping water for remote rural area has dual advantages:
  • Using the natural available resources.
  • Saving the cost spent to fuel oil. Developing a grid system is often too expensive because settlements of rural villages are located too far from existing grid lines. South East Asia has favourable solar energy resources to use for off-grid photo voltaic (PV) systems for rural population. The study also indicates that due to high prices of fuel oil, even larger photo voltaic systems are very competitive to diesel generator and village power supply.
PV water pumping systems may be the most cost-effective water pumping option in locations where there is no existing power line. When properly sized and installed, PV water pumps are very reliable and require little maintenance.
Polymeur Sun has been constructing solar pumping system in plantation estate for irrigation and nursery since 2015.