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  Polymeur Sun is experience in both Grid-Tie and Hybrid Off-Grid Photovoltaic System Design.  
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Industrial PV System

Ballast Weight PV System on Building Roof Top with Water Proof Layer Flooring  
Solar Thin Film Module installed on Glass Roof Structure  
Industrial PV systems are proven to provide long-term sustainability and decrease your electricity costs while at the same time reducing your CO2 footprint and making more independent from government grid. It does not matter if the PV system is situated on the roof or on the ground, Polymeur Sun will find the correct solution in order to receive the maximum long-term output from  own energy plant.
Polymeur Sun defines Industrial PV System not only on land, but off shore where there is no government grid and need for heavy electricity usage for industrial operation.
Refer Case Study below for our completed Off Shore Fuel Save Solar Hybrid System:
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  Explore video link below for a virtual tour on Off
Grid Fuel Save Solar Hybrid System:
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