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  Polymeur Sun is experience in both Grid-Tie and Hybrid Off-Grid Photovoltaic System Design.  
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About Polymeur Sun 

Incorporated in 2009, Polymeur Sun (S) Pte Ltd, initially focuses only on organic and thin-film solar laminate technologies. In 2011, opportunities arise and the company diversified into rigid-glass Crystalline and Thin-film solar panel installations. In 2013, Polymeur Sun Singapore ventured into Malaysia, and since then executed about 2MW of off-grid solar projects, using both laminate and rigid-glass solar systems. In 2014, we were engaged to design and build Singapore’s test bedding 1MW CIGS rigid-glass solar systems on the roof tops of Housing Development Board flats. In September 2015, Polymeur Sun Singapore Pte Ltd, sets up subsidiaries in Malaysia – Polymeur Sun Malaysia Sdn Bhd, to facilitate solar project executions.

Vision & Mission

Traditional ways of electricity production use fossil fuels which liberate huge amounts of carbon into the environment. This accelerates global warming causing imbalance to our weather systems, magnifying the Elninio effects.
Polymeur prides ourselves in contributing efforts to slow down this process. With every photovoltaic system we installed, we make a difference.
    We will continue to bring the most relevant, environmentally friendly, cost effective solar technologies to the market. It’s our mission to make solar installations simple and as economical as possible, so that all future buildings and structures can benefit from such installations.  

Polymeur Sun Team

Solar System Design   Solar System Installation   Logistical and Operations
GCPV Solar engineers and Qualified Persons (QP) – Licensed Electrical Engineer (Grade 9, PE) and Structural Professional Engineer.   Company Project engineers, coordinators, site supervisors, workers to execute site works.   Own administration support colleagues, permanently assigned to specific projects, to address daily project challenges.
  Experience in Grid-Tie, Big Scale Off-Grid and Fuel-Save Solar Systems.   Proficient with Polycrystalline and Thin-film Solar Technologies.