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  Polymeur Sun is experience in both Grid-Tie and Hybrid Off-Grid Photovoltaic System Design.  
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Solar Off Grid System

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The cost of Solar Off Grid System depends primarily on how much electricity needed. The amount of electricity needed is called load. If the existing remote power system is depend on generators, the size of load and how much of time the load run are make up to size of the generators and how much diesel need.
Asking how much a Solar Off Grid System costs is similar to asking how much a car costs. The cost of systems varies all over the place from a few thousand dollars to millions. Generator only cheapest initially, but this option costs the most by far in the long run. One light bulb will require the generator to be on and to be very inefficient. Generators require frequent maintenance (oil and filter change, check water, etc.) and eventually have high repair costs like a car. Generators are also very noisy, polluting, and they eventually die.
Technically, to propose an Off Grid Solar System is more complex compare to Grid Tie Solar System. During design stage, assumption needed to resolve issues below while accurate assumption are based on experience and technical knowledge.
  1. Load (power) required to be supplied by the system is not constant over the period of one day.
  2. Daily energy usage varies over the year.
  3. Energy available from the PV array may vary from time to time during the day.
  4. Energy available from the PV array will vary from day to day during the year
With our experience, Polymeur Sun able to design and customize the solar off grid system based on the characteristic of the load.  In a cost efficient way, a total replacement of generators to solar is possible. Economic comparison between Solar and Generators in projection of 10 years will be presented in our Solar Proposal.