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  Polymeur Sun is experience in both Grid-Tie and Hybrid Off-Grid Photovoltaic System Design.  
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Large Scale Solar Farm

Solar farms are different from building-mounted and other decentralized solar energy applications as they provide solar power to utilities rather than for local grids. The size of solar plants available in utility-scale solar farms ranges from 1 MW to more than 200 MW. An estimation, 25 acres of land is required for every 5 MW installations that can power 1515 houses.
Large Scale Solar Farm Overview
Pile Screw Type Ground Mounted Solar Structure
In Malaysia and Indonesia, Polymeur Sun providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning services for Solar farm owners and completed Feasibility Studies for various solar farm locations. From initial design stage, PVSYST Simulation, Annual Production Yield 21 Years Projection, Interconnection Route Plan, Site Layout Plan, Single Line Diagram, Shading Analysis to construction stage DC Installation, AC Installation, Government Energy Authority RJO, Testing and Commissioning,  we have our own specialized team to mange and deliver the project.
Refer pdf link below for a view of proposal to our potential client during the Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic tender Malaysia:
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  Explore video link below for our completed 1MWp
High Rise Photovoltaic System:
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